As a school we continuously learn, innovate and improve:

  • Our system for assessment enables staff to track the achievements and progress of children closely and accurately, leading to timely support and high levels of challenge
  • We have adopted the principles of Maths Mastery, which is led by an accredited Maths Mastery Specialist
  • We hosted a visit from Chinese maths teachers on behalf of the DfE and East Midlands Maths Hub
  • All our staff undertake continuous development and training- many have achieved external qualifications and accreditations
  • Our nurture provision helps children to be successful at school, both in terms of their learning and their personal skills
  • Our ethos- SHINE and the Fairfield Standard- is visible throughout the school and remarked upon by visitors


High Expectations - Expect the best and be the best!

  • The Fairfield Standard- BE KIND - polite, impeccably behaved children who take responsibility for their own conduct
  • Striving to be at least within the top 20% of schools for attainment and progress
  • Learning is never limited by assumptions about what children can and cannot do
  • Excellent attendance and punctuality- target of 98% attendance
  • Support and challenge is given to enable children to make as much progress as possible- this starts in EYFS and continues right until the end of Year 6!
  • Small things matter! From details of uniform to letter formation
  • Beautiful books – clear expectations for presentation
  • Learning Titles build challenge into every lesson
  • Growth Mindset- the Learning Pit, Austin's Butterfly and I can't do it YET!



At Fairfield, pupils are challenged to show integrity and to take ownership of and responsibility for their own learning; to strive to do their best and to make the right choices.

  • High expectations of and trust in our pupils
  • Learning and living the Fairfield Standard
  • Transformer Partners
  • Ownership of own learning – IPADS, growth mind set, Austin's Butterfly, the Learning Pit
  • Peer/Self-assessment
  • Feedback that questions and challenges pupils
  • Pink for Think Pens and Purple Polishing Pens
  • Behaviour – making the right choices and self reflection using Better Ways Boxes
  • Family service at lunchtimes in EYFS and KS1
  • Variety of lunchtime and after school clubs
  • Personal responsibilities- remembering to bring in kit, diaries, letters, reading books etc
  • Responsibilities in school- Prefects/ First Aiders / Learning Ambassadors / Digital Leaders / Wellbeing Champions ... the list is endless!


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